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Sindhi Wedding in Bali

Sindhi people are basically Sanatani Hindus, who do not follow Hindu rites strictly. However, Sindhi marriage is conducted in accordance with the Vedic rites. Sindhi weddings reflect a blend of Hinduism and Sufism. Usually the weddings take place on the auspicious days like Satyanarayan Chandsi or the new moon day. like Hindu marriage, Sindhis also observe a number of pre wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals. Read on to know more about the ceremony. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Pre Wedding Rituals Kachchi Misri & Pakki Mishri Ceremony is the first ritual conducted before marriage. In Kachchi Misri, a coconut and mishri is given to the bride and the groom, signifying they are one. One week prior to the wedding, the Pakki Mishri takes place, wherein the formal engagement takes place and the couple exchanges rings. Berana Satsang is conducted in the name of Sindhi God Jhulelal. After this, the Mehendi ceremony is held in which the bride's hands and feet are adorned with henna designs. Next is the Santh custom, according to which seven married ladies apply oil in bride's hair. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner. After this, an earthen pot is placed before her and she is asked to break its cover in one go. The Sangeet party is a dance and music fiesta for women. Then the Saagri tradition is held, which involves the showering of flowers on the bride. The groom's married sisters and cousins visit the bride's place and beautify her with flower jewelry made of Mogra. Subsequently, the Ghari puja takes place at bride's and groom's place. Payers are done and women grind wheat as a symbol of prosperity. A handful of grains are given to the priest by the groom. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Wedding Rituals Thread ceremony is an important wedding ritual, in which turmeric powder and oil is applied to the bride and the groom. After this, they are not allowed to step out of their homes before marriage. Next is the Swagatam custom, wherein the groom is welcomed to the bride's house by her sisters and friends. At the entrance the groom places his right foot on top of the bride's foot. After this, the bride's parents wash his feet with milk and water. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner. After this, the Hathialo tradition is held, wherein the groom's shawl is tied to the bride's sari. Their right hands are also tied with red scarf ad they pray to the Almighty to bless their union. Then the main wedding ceremony begins. The couple is seated in front of the sacred fire. While the priest chants mantras, they take four rounds around the fire. Next is the Kanya Daan ceremony, wherein the parents of he bride hand her over to the groom. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Post Wedding Rituals After the wedding, the bride is welcomed in her new house. Her in-laws wash her feet and cover her head while she sprinkles milk all over the house. After this, the bride takes a handful of salt and gives to the groom. The groom then gives it back to her, without spilling any. This process is repeated thrice. This is known as Datar Ceremony. This is also carried out with other members of the family. Next is Chhanar ritual or Dev Uthana, in which Devs is removed from the house. Subsequently, Sataurah custom is observed, following which the newly wedded couple visits the bride's house at an auspicious time decided by the priest. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Gujarati Wedding in bali

Gujarati Wedding Functions are the best examples of glory and glamour in Indian weddings. Wedding Functions also consist of rituals, traditions and customs. Here are Wedding Functions Customs and Rituals Series In Gujarati Weddings. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Gujarati Pre Wedding Ceremony And Rituals

Gujarati Pre Wedding Ceremony is the important part of the entire events in a marriage . As the entire atmosphere is full of happiness so both the groom’s and bride’s family individually performs their rituals and customs. Therefore, here we are sharing Gujarati Pre Wedding Rituals and Ceremony.

Engagement Ceremony (Sagaai)

In Engagement Ceremony both the families (bride and groom) promise to maintain the relationship. Bride visits with Maatli(a type of container with full of sweets and gifts) as good luck. A short function is also held where sweets and food is served to the guest. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Mandap Muhurat

This is performed before few days of marriage. Pandit performs this pooja at the bride and groom’s place. Both families pray to lord Ganesha for the good fortune of bride and groom’s.

Girah Shanti

This pooja is also done by the “Pandit” and date and time of the wedding is also decided by matching the “kundli” of the TO BE Bride and Broom. Pandit performs this pooja for happy married life of the couple.


The “Garba” function generally held on the night just before the wedding. This is traditional dance of gujarati’s and here it is performed by the family members. This ceremony gives a chance to both the families to meet and know each other very well.


This ceremony is held by the bride and grooms family at their respective places, a day before the wedding. Relatives and friends are invited on this day. Yellow Haldi Powder is applied on the bride and groom’s body by all the relatives, friends and all women in family. The paste gives bride and grooms a natural glow and healthy skin.


On the wedding day Groom arrives on the horse at the wedding place with their family, relatives and friends. Members and friends enjoy and dance in surrounding on the traditional music. Baraat gathers together and everybody dances in celebration.

Welcoming The Groom (Ponkhana)

It is the official start of gujarati wedding. Groom is welcomed by the brides family where brides mother perform aarti and willfully try to grab his nose.

Ganesh Pooja

After the groom is welcomed to the mandap the ceremonies strats with prayer of Lord Ganesha who is known as Aaradhya Dev(god of health, wealth and happiness). Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.


A custom in gujarati wedding where brides father wash grooms feet with honey and milk. At this time that the bride’s sisters (saalis) will try to steal the groom’s shoes. If his shoes are stolen, then he must offer the bride’s sisters money in order to get back them. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Brides Arrival (Kanya Aagman)

The brides arrive with her mama on mandap. When she comes on the mandap there is curtain between bride and groom which separates them from each other.


After the arrival of bride, the couple exchange garland in the presence of priest. Then the priest begins the ceremony by saying mangalashtak. All relatives clapps and enjoys the ceremony.

Kanya Dan

Custom is that parents gives their daughter to the groom. Parents give away their daughter by keeping her hand onto the groom’s hand and saying to the groom live happy with lots blessings.

Hasta Milap

Hasta Milap is a ritual in which the scarf wore by the groom tied to the scarf of bride this is known as meeting of soul. Flowers and rice grains spread on them during this ceremony.

Mangal Pheres

In Gujarati Wedding phera’s are not taken in seven times. It is taken only four times. Brother of bride is asked to put some rice on the hands of bride and groom and pour it in hawan. This ritual is called ‘Mangal Pheras ‘.

Sapta padi

In this ritual groom helo the bride to touch seven betel nuts with her right toe by chanting seven mantra in which he request for support from his wife in ups and down in life . Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Sindoor Daan

Groom puts red power on brides head and ties mangalsutra around her neck. It symbolize that she is married and belongs to him.


The bride and groom feed sweets to each other after all rituals has been done.

Akhandya Sobhagyawati bhava

In this ritual any seven women are called to gives blessings to newly married couple.


The newly weds take blessing from elders by touching their feet.

Post Wedding Function


Vidaai is a bela or time when the bride is bid a tearful farewell by her family.

Ghar Ki Laxmi

The bride is welcome in her new home as a laxmi, who will bring prosperity and happiness in their house. Bride is asked to knock down a vessel filled with rice with her right foot. This ritual is known as ghar nu laxmi pravesh.

Punjabi Wedding in Bali

Punjabi wedding traditions are a strong reflection of Punjabi culture with ritual, song, dance, food, and dress that have evolved over centuries. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner. Usually the ceremonies are conducted in Punjabi language but the language of the religious portion may vary, such as, Arabic for Muslims. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Pre-wedding rituals

The couple commit to enter into wedlock and to refuse other proposals of marriage. Ardaas is said and gifts are exchanged. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Rokka (Pre-engagement

It is an unofficial engagement ceremony where the groom's family and friends come give presents, money and blessings to the bride to be. The origin of this ceremony lies in the arranged marriage norm where the parents would let out the world that they are looking for a suitable match for their son or daughter. And once they had found that match, their search had come to an end. Though rings are not exchanged, the couple stand unofficially engaged after this ceremony. Looking forward to starting the wedding ceremonies. Traditionally when individuals weren't allowed to see their mate, Rokka was like an engagement. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Mangni/Shagun (engagement)

Engagement is a significant part of a Punjabi wedding. The bride's family visits the groom's family with gifts to confirm the engagement. Sagai[edit] Approximately a week before the wedding the sagai ceremony is held, in which a tikka forehead mark is applied. The bride's family visits the groom's family bringing gifts, the paste for the tikka mark and a silver tray with a few grains of rice and saffron in a small silver bowl, 14 dried dates (chuharey) wrapped in silver foil and a coconut wrapped in gold leaf. The bride's father applies the mark to the groom's forehead, blesses him and gives him some money. The bride's family receives baskets of seven dried fruits: almonds, cashewnuts, dried dates, coconut pieces, raisins, dried apricots (khurman) and puffed lotus seeds (phoolmakhana). The tikka ceremony may be combined with the engagement . First, the girl is draped with a chunni (stole), which is usually very ornate. In some families this chunni is a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation. She is also presented with jewellery, which her mother and sister-in-law help her wear. A tiny dot of henna paste (mehndi) is applied to her palm for good luck, and the function is sealed with the exchange of rings. Everyone present congratulates the couple by feeding them sweets. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.


There is a sangeet function hosted by the girl's family, in which just a few close members of the boy's family are invited. The girl's family play the dholak drums and sing songs in which they tease the boy and his family. Nowadays people hire DJs and have a dance party followed by dinner. A ladies sangeet is held for the bride and her bridesmaids.


The last major function before the wedding is decoration with temporary henna (mehndi) tattoos. Mehndi artists are called to the houses of the boy and girl and apply mehendi to the palms of the female family members, and the hands and feet of the bride. A basket containing Bindi and bangles is handed around so girls can choose those that match the outfit they plan to wear to the wedding. The Mehandi ceremony takes place in the atmosphere of a party. The bride and other ladies get mehendi (henna designs) done, on their hands and feet (most ladies get it done only on their hands but the bride gets it done on both hands and feet). For the bride the mehndi is sent by the future Mother in Law, which is beautifully decorated.

Rituals at the bride’s home

Chura On the wedding day the rituals at the girl’s home begin with the Chura ceremony. The oldest maternal uncle and aunt play an important role in the performance of the ceremony. Chura is basically a set of red and cream ivory bangles that is touched by all present which is gifted by girl's Mamma (mother's Brother) the girl does not see the chura until she is ready for the marriage. People touch the chura and give their heartiest wishes to the girl for her future married life. Also, they sprinkle flower petals on the bride. After that, the girl’s uncle, aunt, friends and cousins tie kaliras (silver, gold or gold plated traditional ornaments) to a bangle worn by the girl. Mayian ceremony Mayian It is the term used for the preparation ceremony one day before a Punjabi wedding. This ceremony is an evening festival, at the couple's parental homes. It consists of many rites, the Batna, Choora, Jaggo Fireworks and sometimes the Ladies Sangeet and Mendhi. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner. Vatna/Haldi Four lamps or diyas are lit and the bride is made to sit facing them. Oil is constantly poured into the lamps, so that the glow from diyas is reflected on her face. Vatna involves applying the paste made from turmeric powder and mustard oil all over the girl’s body by her female friends and relatives. This is done to make the girl look more beautiful on the special day of our life. This ritual demands that the bride to stay at home in her old clothes for a couple of days before her wedding. Ubtan is supposed to bring glow on the bride's and groom's body especially their face. This tradition is also known as Shaint in some cultures. After this ritual, bride and groom are constrained from meeting each other until the wedding ceremony. Ghara gharoli The decorated pitcher of water (ghadoli) is brought for the bride's bath by the groom's bhabi (brother's wife). In the Ghara Gharoli ritual, the bride’s sibling or sibling’s spouse visits the nearby temple and fills a pitcher with holy water. The girl is then bathed with this holy water. Thereafter, the bride wears their wedding attire.The ghara gharoli and the vatna ceremonies take place at the groom’s house too. But over there, the boy’s sister-in-law brings the pitcher of water. As per the tradition, their wedding dress is presented to them by their respective maternal uncles. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner. Jaggo In this ceremony, the family dances and sings in the beautifully decorated wedding home. Jaggo is celebrated in the last hours of the night. They decorate copper or brass vessel called "khadaa" with diveh (clay lamps) and fill them with mustard oil and light them. The bride/bridegrooms maternal aunt (mammi) carries it on her head, and another lady will have a long stick with bells, and she will be shaking it. The ladies will then go into other friends and families homes and be welcomed by sweets and drinks, they will then dance there and move on. It is a loud ceremony, filled with joy, dancing, fireworks, and food.

Rituals at the grooms’s home

Sarbala A young nephew or cousin dons the same attire as the groom. He is called the sarbala/shabbala (caretaker of the groom) and accompanies him. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner. Groom riding a horse with his sarbala. Sehra Like the bride’s home, the Vatna and Ghara Gharoli are followed by the dressing up of the groom in his wedding attire. After the groom has dressed up in his wedding clothes, a puja is performed. Thereafter, the groom’s sister ties the sehra on the groom’s head. After the completion of Sehrabandi ceremony, all those who witness the function give gifts and cash to the boy as a token of good luck. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner. A groom with sehra. Varna Varna is a ceremony that is supposed to ward off the evil eye. The groom's bhabi lines his eyes with surma (kohl). Ghodi Chadna The Ghori Chadna is the final ceremony at the groom’s place. The groom’s sisters and cousins feed and adorn his mare. To ward off the evil eye, people use cash and perform the Varna ritual. The cash is then distributed among the poor. After this the boy climbs the horse and leaves his home for the wedding venue. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Rituals at the marriage venue

Milni It literally means "Introductions". In a Sikh marriage, Ardas is performed by the person in charge of looking after the Sikh scriptures, followed by the formal introductions of senior men in the families. For example, both eldest chachas (father's younger brother) will come together and exchange garlands of flowers. In the Milni ceremony, the girl's relatives give shagun (a token of good luck) to the groom's close relatives in descending order of age. Cash and clothes are gifted. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner. Jaimala/Varmala After Milni, the bride and groom come in the middle of the circle where the family is standing, and place a heavily made garland made of flowers- varmala on each other to state, they accept each other and will love and live together with one and other. Friends and relatives of the bride and groom indulge in teasing and fun, to celebrate this happy occasion. An auspicious time or muhurat is chosen for the performance of wedding ceremony. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner. Hindu bride and groom. Kanyadaan and Phere The bride's father puts a ring on the boy's finger and then he gives his daughter to the boy. This ritual is known as the Kanyadaan. It is after the kanyadaan that the pheras begin. The pheras take place in front of the sacred fire-agni. After this the groom applies Sindoor (vermilion) to the girl’s hair partition and the Mangalsutra Rasam takes place where the groom ties a beaded necklace i.e. a mangalsutra to the girl’s neck. When all these rituals are over, the couple gets up to touch the feet of all the elder members in the family and seek their blessings for a happily married life. In a Hindu Punjabi Wedding, Agni (sacred fire) is usually encircled seven times. In a Sikh wedding, the bride and groom will walk in tow around the Guru Granth Sahib four times, called laavaan. This signifies they not only accept each other as one soul in two bodies, but also as the Guru as the center of their marriage. Joota chupai It literally means 'hiding the shoes'. The bride’s sisters indulge in stealing of shoes. It is a fun tradition, in which the girls charge a fee for agreeing to return the shoes. They demand Kalecharis of gold for the bride's sisters and of silver for her cousins.

Post-wedding rituals

Vidaai/Doli Vidaai marks the departure of the bride from her parental house. As a custom, the bride throws phulian or puffed rice over her head. The ritual conveys her good wishes for her parents. A traditionally sad ritual, here the bride says goodbye to her parents, siblings and rest of her family. Her brothers/male cousins then lead her to her husband, who waits to take her to his family home to begin her new life as a married woman. Her relatives throw coins in the wake of this procession. In keeping with tradition the mother in-law will often not come to the Doli and instead make preparations at home to greet the arrival of her son and new wife. The mother-in-law has a glass of water in her hand, which she circles 3 times around her bahu and then offers it to her to drink, as a symbol of her acceptance and blessing as her newest daughter. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Tamil Wedding Rituals in Bali

Tamil marriages are not very showy and extravagant as Tamilians believe in simple living. Tamil people are very particular about their customs and traditions. However, Tamil weddings are attended by distant relatives and friends and hence are held on a large scale. There are many wedding rituals which are observed by them, without which the marriage is deemed incomplete. The important Tamil wedding rituals are given below. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Pre Wedding Rituals

The wedding rituals begin with Panda Kaal Muhurtham, wherein the families of the bride and the groom pray to the Lord for an uninterrupted wedding ceremony. After this, the groom is welcomed with the traditional aarti by the bride's side on the day before marriage. He is offered sweets, sprinkled with rose water and even a coconut is broken to ward off any evil. Next is Vratham, which is a small puja organized before marriage. Following this is Pallikai Thellichal ceremony, as per which grains are sprouted in earthen pots, which are later immersed in a pond to feed the fishes. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner. The next ritual is Naandi, in which Brahmins are given gifts and sweets to seek their blessings for the wedding alliance. Nicchiyadharatham is the formal engagement ceremony, wherein the bride and the groom exchange rings. After this, the Reading of Lagna Pathirigai takes place, which is formally announcing the wedding and reading out aloud the wedding invitation, to inform everybody about the formalizing of the alliance. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Wedding Rituals

On the day of the wedding, Mangala Snaanam takes place, as per which the bride and the groom take purifying bath. Before the bath, oil and haldi-kumkum are applied to them. Another interesting ritual is Kashi Yatra, wherein the groom threatens everyone to leave for Kashi and lead a life of ascetic. He is stopped by the bride's father, who promises to give his daughter to her. After this, the groom heads towards the mandap, where he meets the bride. Then the exchange of garlands takes place between the bride and the groom. This is followed by the Oonjal ritual, wherein the couple is seated on a swing and given milk and banana to eat. Rice balls are used to prevent them from evil eye. This is followed by Kanyadaanam, in which the bride's father gives away his daughter to the groom. After this, Muhurtum ritual takes place wherein the groom ties mangalsutra and puts vermillion to the bride. Subsequently, they take seven rounds and seven vows around the sacred fire called Saptapadi.

Post Wedding Rituals

After the wedding, both the families exchange gifts with each other. This is called Sammandhi Mariyathai. After all the wedding ceremonies are over, the bride leaves with her husband for her marital home. Here, she is welcomed by her new family with the traditional aarti. This is known as Grihapravesham. In the evening, the Reception party takes place, which is an informal event. The guests meet the newly wed couple and give them blessings. This is followed by sumptuous dinner. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Maharashtrian marriage in Bali

Maharashtrian marriage is perhaps the simplest and the least opulent in the whole country. Unlike other weddings, most of the rituals are preformed early in the morning. The Maharashtrian marriage procedure starts with finding a suitable counterpart. After this, the horoscope of the boy and the girl are matched by the purohits. After the horoscopes match, the mahurut for the wedding is taken out. This is followed by the preparations for the marriage, with the wedding rituals being performed along side. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Pre Wedding Rituals

Sakhar Puda ceremony is the initial ritual which takes place in a Maharashtrain wedding. It can be termed as the engagement, wherein the bride is given a sari, and sweet or sugar, by the groom's family. Next is the Kelvan ceremony, which is performed at both the bride's and the groom's house. It is a small puja of the kuldevta, followed by a meal. After this, the Haldi ceremony takes place, wherein turmeric paste is applied to both the bride and the groom. This is known as Halad Chadavane. This is followed by Simant puja, wherein, once the groom arrives at the bride's place; her parents wash his feet and give him gifts. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Wedding Rituals

Antarpat is a silk shawl used to separate the bride and the groom. The maternal uncle of the bride brings her to the dias, where the mangalashtakas are recited. Then the shawl is removed and the couple sees each other for the first time and exchange garlands. At this moment they are showered with unbroken rice. After this, the couple asks their parents for permission to get married. This is called the Sankalp ceremony. After this, the bride's parents perform the Kanyadaan ritual, wherein they offer their daughter to the groom. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner. After Kanyadaan, the groom ties mangalsutra around bride's neck and applies vermillion in her hair parting. She in return applies a sandalwood tilak on his forehead. Next is the Vivah Homa, which is conducted by the groom in assistance with the priest. Following this is the Saptapadhi ritual, wherein the couple takes seven rounds around the sacred fire, taking seven vows. The wedding ceremony comes to an end with the Karmasampati ritual, wherein the bride's father, the bride and the groom please Gods to bless the wedlock. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Post Wedding Rituals

Grihapravesh is the first ritual conducted after wedding. The groom's mother welcomes the new couple and washes their feet with milk and water. After this the traditional aarti is performed and the bride is asked to enter the house by knocking down a glass of rice, kept at the entrance. The couple enters the house with their right foot. Last but not the least Reception party is organized, wherein sumptuous food is served for the guests. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Indian Muslim Wedding

Muslim marriage is known as 'Nikah' in Urdu. It is given great importance in the religion of Islam and is even mandatory for all. Though the wedding rituals of Muslim marriage vary greatly from the Hindu religion, it significantly lays emphasis on the union of two souls. There are even varied rituals performed before and after the wedding, which lead to the completion of the ceremony. Given below is some vital information, regarding the Muslim wedding rituals. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.
Pre Wedding Rituals
The first wedding ritual is the Istikhara, wherein the religious head takes consent form Allah to perform the wedding. After it is done, the grrom's mather visits the bride's house with sweets and Imam-Zamin, a silver or gold coin wrapped in silken cloth. It is tied by her onto the upper portion of the girl's hand. This is called Imam-Zamin ceremony. The next is Magni, wherein the groom's family members visit the brie's house with sweets and fruits. This is reciprocated by the bride's family as well. Nowadays, the couple even exchanges rings. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.
After this the Manjha ceremony takes place, in which the bride is dressed in yellow clothes and turmeric paste is applied on her body. After this, the bride is not supposed to step out of the house. Mehndi Ceremony is the next ceremony, which is held just before the marriage. During this ceremony, the hands and feet of the bride are adorned with henna designs. Subsequently, the Sanchaq ritual takes place, wherein the groom's family sends clothes and jewelries for the bride, to be worn at Nikah and Chauthi. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.
Wedding Rituals
On the main wedding day, the Baraat leaves for the bride's house. On the wedding venue, they are given a hearty welcome and the groom enjoys a glass of sherbet with his brother-in-law. Soon after this, the Nikah is commenced. There are two religious heads present at the place, representing the two parties. The amount of Mehar, a compulsory amount of money to be given to the bride by the groom's family is also decided. After this, the Maulavi asks the bride three times, whether she accepts the concerned person as her husband, with settled the amount of the Mehar. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.
After her consent, the groom is asked three times, whether he accepts the concerned woman as his wife, with the decided amount of Mehar. After his consent, the Nikahnama is signed by the couple. This is followed by the recital of Khutba, a religious discourse. Blessings are showered upon the bride and the groom for a prosperous married life. Following a lavish dinner, the couple is seated fact to face each other, with their heads covered by a dupatta. The Holy Quran and a mirror placed are placed between them, through which they are allowed to see each other for the first time. This is known as Aarsi Mushaf. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.
Post Wedding Rituals
After the wedding rituals are over, the bride is bid farewell. This is called the Rukhsat ceremony. On reaching the groom's house, his mother holds the holy Quran over the bride's head as she enters the house. Next is the Valimah ceremony, which is a grand feast given by the groom's guardians. Subsequently, the Chauthi custom is observed, as per which the couple visits her parental home for the first time after marriage. They are given a lavish feast and presents by the bride's parents. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Indian Christian Wedding in Bali

In Christianity, marriages are considered the union between man and woman predestined by God. The sanctity of the institution can be made clear from Jesus' message, which lays down that wedding is a relationship, a union so real and intimate that 'the two become one flesh'. Husband and wife are treated one in a Christian marriage. Being so significant to the religious mentor, Christian wedding rituals are conducted in church, amidst all friends and family members. Different sects of Christianity hold different opinions regarding marriage and have diverse ways of conducting it. Like all other marriages Christian weddings also have and post wedding rituals.
Pre Wedding Rituals
The pre wedding rituals consist primarily of engagement ceremony. After this, there is the informal hen party known as the Bridal shower. All the females gather at the bride's place and rejoice by singing and dancing. They shower gifts on the bride and she offers them a pink cake with a hidden thimble. Whoever gets the piece with the thimble, is supposed to get married next. Just like this, groom celebrates the Bachelor's party with his male friends. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.
This is considered a wild party bash, wherein he celebrates his last night as a bachelor. Raising a toast is a must here. At some places, just like the Hindu wedding, the bride and the groom are applied turmeric and sandalwood paste. It is known as Haldaat ceremony. However, in Goa it is known as Ross, wherein the couple is applied coconut paste in place of turmeric. After all these rituals, finally the wedding day arrives. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.
Wedding Rituals
On the wedding day, the groom sends a car to pick up the bride and waits for her outside the church. After she arrives, the Best man of the groom welcomes her with a bouquet of flowers. Then the couple walks down the corridor gracefully to reach the altar. There the priest awaits them and offers them best wishes. He then reads psalms from the Hoy Bible, which is followed by sermon called Homily on the sacredness of the wedding. Following this, he asks question to the bride and the groom regarding their consent for the marriage. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.
The couple makes promises to stay with each other through thick and thin and exchange rings. These rings are blessed by the priest first, to instill love and faith between the two. After this the couple is blessed by the gathering and the priest. The wedding concludes by signing on a register and the couple walks down the aisle, arm in arm. A copy of the signed page is later sent to the Registrar of Marriages. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.
Post Wedding Rituals
The Christian wedding is followed by a Reception, which is a celebration party. It is a grand affair, wherein the couple is welcomed by the guest, with a shower of confetti. After this, the newly-wed couple cuts the wedding cake and feeds each other. The Toastmaster then offers a toast in the honor of the couple. Besides, the Reception party is celebrated with dance and dinner party. In many weddings, there is even a live band present, which plays tunes, for the people to swing on. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Indian Wedding Rituals

Indian people are stern believers of religion and ancient practices. As a result, Hindu marriages in India include a number of rituals and customs. These are age old practices, which form the foundation of our society and are therefore followed by generation over generation, owing to the deep faith. Wedding is undoubtedly the most important event in one's lifetime and is thus solemnized with utmost sanctity. Hindus believe that once married the couple is bound with each other for seven birth cycles. Such is the depth and intensity of their faith in the institution of marriage. This is attributed by the various rituals they observe. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Tilak Ceremony

One of initial wedding ceremonies in India is the Tilak ceremony. It was initially held one month before the actual wedding day, but with changing times people have become quite flexible. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Engagement Ceremony

Indian weddings are known for their elaborate ceremonies and opulent celebrations. Besides, they are held in a very traditional manner, commemorating numerous rituals as per the ancient Vedic era. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet ceremony as the name suggests is all about dance and music. It is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding and is exclusively for women.

Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi is yet another traditional yet exciting pre wedding ceremony. In India, a lot of emphasis is given on customs and rituals. Indian people are ardent lovers of beauty and elegance.

Var Mala Ceremony

Var Mala ceremony is an important main wedding day ceremony. It is also known as Jaimala and basically involves exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Mandap Ceremony

Mandap ceremony holds utmost importance on the day of the wedding. This is because all the significant rituals are performed during the mandap ceremony.

Vidai Ceremony

Practically everyone dreams of getting married someday to someone. After an individual attains maturity the wait for that perfect individual starts. Some people are lucky to be blessed by the feeling of love. Bali Shaadi Planner & Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

Reception Ceremony

Indian weddings have a charm of their own. As per the tradition the wedding is primarily organized by the bride's family, however, the reception might be an exception. Bali Indian Wedding Planner.

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