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How to Plan Indian Wedding Abroad (Bali)

Plan a wedding abroad (Bali) could be very overwhelming since you are not familiar with the destination country, you have no one to trust (not yet),and you have no friends to get to know a second opinion, you have completely no idea where to start, it’s simply a blank piece of paper, but yet, the wedding destination is quite tempting. Here are a few tips:

First thing first, you should MAKE UP YOUR MIND about your WEDDING VISION. this is important because the wedding in Bali is very various, too many options and that could make you more confused, so pick up 3-5 options then you can narrow it down. You can see so many options on the internet, however, you should remember what is your preferences so you will stay on track.

Choose a wedding planner (choose your person in Bali), in this case, try to choose wedding planner that represent “your person in Bali” have experienced in Indian Wedding. In your hometown you might be able to plan your wedding by your own, but not abroad. Explain everything about your wedding visions, your budget, your preferences, and your rituals, basically work together with them so they will have a big and full picture in their head about your wedding vision in Bali. Choose the wedding planner that has work with many hotels, and has a good relationship with hotels, this will make the wedding plan running very smoothly.

Choose the wedding venue, could be Hotel or Villa (I have written the other article about this, click here ) also it is very important because almost all aspect of your wedding will depend on the venue, the decor, the party,the food, the occasions, their rules and restriction, almost everything. Venue take a big part in how successful your wedding is. ask your wedding planner opinion as usually, they have experienced or they can negotiate with the hotel on your behalf (of course not all hotel/villa is flexible but everything is worth to try). the best way to do this is choose the venue that has good flexibility and Indian wedding friendly. you need to read my article about this matter, click here)

After your wedding planner fully understands about the wedding visions, ask them to make you a wedding package for all the occasions, in this way it will be cheaper than the a la carte price (bulk price is always cheaper than retail/a la carte price) once you receive it, discuss then modify till you really feel good about it. A wedding package will usually include every aspect of your wedding. so basically it takes out a lot of stress. Some packages includes meals, some don’t, it will depend on the flexibility of the venue. All in wedding package is always the best for you, you can separate the bride make up as this is very personal, but the rest it will be more cost-efficient if you put it all together. Simply take out the headache away 🙂 and smart spending.

You can start from those points above, then next.. let the discussion flowing like a river, that’s the beautiful process and you should enjoy it 🙂

Indian Wedding Budget Cost Efficiency

This article’s purpose is to give a full insight into how to wisely spend your wedding budget in Bali. As a foreigner, it could be an overwhelming job to start your wedding, especially when it comes to Hindu weddings with multiple days of occasions. see these tips below

First, Choose Resort that has a few venues to hold your specific occasions each day. This is important because spending money in one resort will give you a very good deal and also your guests will not get bored with the events. In this case please refer to this article to get to know more about Bali venue.

Second, choose the package or Lump Sum Price than A La Carte Price. Shopping in Bulk is always more efficient than buying in pieces/retail. This applies to Food and Beverage, also the event cost (decor, equipment, and entertainment) it is much better to take the package. if your wedding planner offers a wedding package, make sure the package can be modified according to your taste and requirements.

Third, be reasonable and realistic. Those beautifull wedding pictures in Pinterest might be tempting for you, but remember those fairy tales wedding has a cost. There is nothing wrong to use it as guidance but to expect Lamborghinis with Toyota cost is likely impossible. Discuss further with your wedding planner, they might have a solution and both of you can meet at the halfway.

Hindu Legal Wedding in Bali

Shaadewale bali Wedding here ready to guide you to have your dream wedding in Bali. Shaadi in Bali. We will explain what is the common the rules and regulation to have wedding in Bali so that will fit to your wedding event. We will guide you from the first meeting to the wedding day finish, you will never get lost with us. Indian Wedding Planner, Shaadi in bali, Big Fat Wedding.

Bali is the best wedding destination in the World, the most romantic destination, the peacefull honeymoon destination. Bali has become favourite destination in Bali because many factors. The place is beautiful, the facility, infrastructure and investors who build many magnificent location become a place that possible to make an event. So not only the nature factor but also from the balinese people who welcome with investors to build Hotel and Villa. Indian Wedding Planner is absolutely needed to make your wedding event perfect, Indian Wedding Planner will give you advice which venue, which catering and the other advice to make your wedding event in Bali running smoothly. A Good Indian Wedding Planner should give option accoording to your budget and wedding vision. Indian Wedding Planner, Shaadi in bali, Big Fat Wedding.
Wedding is not only about ritual and ceremonial and party, but the other essentials thing is the Legal Wedding. When the Bride and Groom has been doing a ritual wedding, their connection as husband and wife has become valid in the eyes of religion, As a Modern Society (Modern Human) who understand and obedient to the Law, Legal Wedding definitely important to make the connection between husband and wife to be valid in the eyes of the Law, specially international law of wedding. Bali Indian Wedding Planner will assist you to get the legal wedding certificate that will valid for international wedding certificate. Indian Wedding Planner, Shaadi in bali, Big Fat Wedding.
Indonesia have five religion that have validation to have legal marriage in Indonesia and Bali should follow this srules. Hindu has an association, formal association of Hindu Dharma in Bali, its called Parisadha Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) Bali. Bali Indian Wedding Planner have a special connection with this organization.
Every Hindu Couple who willing to have a legal wedding in Bali, should first get the religion certificate from PHDI to prove the Hindu Religion validity. The Couple need to follow the rules of Hindu Legal Wedding in Bali. The Couple need to using the local hindu priest on the wedding day to have the legal wedding certificate. But if you have your own indian priest we can help you with this. please check below the documents requierements for Hindu Legal Wedding. Indian Wedding Planner, Shaadi in bali, Big Fat Wedding.
1. Passport of bride and groom to be
2. CNI (Certificate of Non impediment to married) from you own country, you can get this certificate from the Civil Registry Office in your own country, this certificate is to certified that you are single, or if you already divorce, make sure you have the divorce paper. this certificate is the most important. (Should be english)
3. Fill the form from PHDI and the Form from civil regitration in Bali.
4. Hindu Form from PHDI. that you need to fill up.
5. Pas Photo of bride and groom (3cm x 4cm)
5. Pas photo of bride and groom together (4cm x 6cm)
if your document is not in english, you need to translate all the document, the translation should be done by a sworn translator in your own country.
whatever your issue to have your legal wedding in Bali, we are here to assist you. Your Wedding Legal in Bali is valid for the whole country in the world and the certificate will be in english.

Shaadiwale Service

Service of Shaadiwale Bali
Arranging a destination wedding is a lengthy and detailed processes that requires local support to coordinate a variety of services. Shaadi in Bali. Shaadi Bali will represent the client and negotiate with service providers on their behalf, ensuring that both quality and experience is maximized within the client’s budget. Indian Wedding Planner, Shaadi in bali, Big Fat Wedding.
Catering & Decorations
Provision of a variety of menus for the wedding events, with top quality vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian, continental and pan Asian cuisines.
Stunning floral decorations, garlands, arches and unique center pieces can be designed and produced.
From DJ’s spinning classic tracks to the latest Bollywood hits, background instrumental music to traditional Balinese dance performances; Shaadi Bali is able to source a wide range of entertainers and performers to make each wedding event memorable. Indian Wedding Planner, Shaadi in bali, Big Fat Wedding.
Shaadi Bali can assist the wedding party in obtaining competitive rates from resorts for accomodation during the wedding in Bali as well as for pre and post wedding stays. There is a wide choice of accomodation on the island, offering over 700 properties from small privately run resorts to grand resorts managed by international brands. Indian Catering and Indian Food
Shaadiwale Bali provide the best Indian Catering in Bali. we offer you to have free food tasting before you decide the catering for your important occasion. Big Fat Wedding and Small group wedding welcome to have the tasting food. Indian Wedding Planner, Shaadi in bali, Big Fat Wedding.
Maintaining the budget
The cost of all services sourced will be within the budget provided by the client. Shaadi in Bali.

Big Fat Wedding

Bali, the holiday hot-spot is now well-known as the perfect locale for Indian weddings. Home to most of Indonesia’s Hindus, Bali boasts of the most magnificent settings for special celebrations—an intimate wedding, a romantic celebration or a big fat spectacular Indian wedding. Shaadi in Bali and Big Fat Wedding are very suitable to take place in Bali. For wedding vendors/ specialists the Indian wedding market is obviously a hugely lucrative market and some of them are much sought-after both by Indians who live in Indonesia, and Indians hosting their destination wedding there.

Big Fat Indian Wedding in Bali usually take three to four days occasions. Big Fat Wedding start with welcoming guests in the hospitality desk. Big Fat Wedding always has fancy things to show. Balinese dancer to escort and guide you in the lobby will assist you to start the spectacular event in Bali. Big Fat Wedding will have welcome dinner in the very first night to thank you who come to attend the wedding. Pool Party and Sangeet party is the most happening night for Big Fat Wedding. Third Day will be the wedding ritual and Reception Dinner. Big Fat Wedding last day will have a farewell lunch before your check out.

Small group indian wedding in Bali

Many people says that Indian Wedding typically always large group of wedding with hundreds of wedding attendees, but not pratically. Shaadi in Bali. We do provide Bali Wedding for small group wedding and we never underestimate the small wedding. We give the same tense and priority to this type of wedding.