Best Indian Wedding Venue in Bali

Indian Wedding is special occasion compare to other wedding occasion. Special Occasions will need Special Venue - Shadiwale Bali (Shaadi in Bali) is here to advice you and to give you vision about Wedding Venue in Bali and make sure your dream wedding becomes the best wedding that you ever attend as we can combine any type of the venue below then make it as one package, Do not worry about the budget as we can advice you at the best rate ever and make it worth!

Eastern theme Beach Mandap in the best beachfront hotel will makes your Bali Hindu Wedding Memorable.

beach venue indian wedding

Cliff Top Wedding venue in the front of Sunset Uluwatu Beach is the best choice you will ever make for your unforgettable Shaadi in Bali

Private Beach Front Villa is the best wedding for them who seeking a glorious and glamour wedding. This type of venue will bring classy and elegant to your Shaadi in Bali

villa beach venue wedding india

Wedding in the Bali Cultural Park is the best choise who seeking the sacredness of wedding, This Venue take place in the most exotic and authentic architecture of Bali

bali indian wedding

Romantic Fusion Beach Wedding for your need to combine both of your culture

beach wedding indian bali

Garden Wedding is the best choice for your who seeking green and calm ambience

garden wedding bali

Forest Wedding special for special couple who seeking the nature theme for their wedding

forest wedding bali indian

Mountain and Valley venue is very suitable for them who seeks clement and nature wedding

mountain wedding bali indian

Beach Resort wedding is the best option for big fat wedding so everything will take place in the Hotel

hotel wedding venue bali

Cliff Top Venue in Uluwatu Bali

Our Cliff Top Venue is facing right to the magnificent uluwatu sunset beach

please klik this link to see the aerial video of this venue Cliff Top Indian Wedding Venue Video

This Cliff Top Venue is surounded by golf area and 4-5 star Hotel for your accommodation, this Cliff Top Venue is very suitable for small group or big fat indian wedding. This cliff is very private for your wedding event in Bali.

Beach Villa Bali Venue

Beach front property in Bali that suitable for wedding is private villa Bali. Beach front propoerty Villa has many benefits for your Indian Shaadi in Bali. Villa is more private and Villa has room for bride and groom family to stay and chilling. Villa give the special ambience for your wedding event in Bali, private venue will give relaxing ambience. please check our youtube chanel to see some videos

Garden Villa Wedding Venue

Wedding in Bali is not always about beach wedding, Garden Indian Wedding can be great too! small group indian wedding and big fat wedding are welcome

Mountain & Forest Venue

Mountain, Valley and nature brings another atmosphere to your Indian Wedding in Bali.

Hotel Wedding Venue

Hotel wedding will be very suitable for big fat indian wedding in Bali or Large Group of wedding. Wedding in Hotel will give your guests more space for all the wedding occasions. You could buy out the Hotel if you want to make the hotel as your Home. There are few Beachfront Resort in Bali that Indian Event Friendly (Some of them has Indian Chef inside and the rest should cater Indian Food from outside). Grand Mirage Resort, Westin Nusa Dua, Patra Jasa Hotel, Ayodya Hotel, Conrad Bali is very suitable for your Indian Event.

Bali Cultural Park in Bali

Bali Cultural Park means the venue that has very aunthentic architecture of Bali. This kind of venue will brings you to the ancient of Bali, the very original Bali. There is a special atmoshphere and sacred when you have your wedding party here. it leaves nothing but happiness to your event and we will make sure your wedding in Bali will be unforgettable